Life Hacks for Keeping Cats Entertained

Cats can be very energetic sometimes. They want to play, but when no one is home to play with them at certain times of the day, they tend to get bored. So how do cat owners keep their purring friend happy? Try some of these life hacks and you might not have a bored cat again.

  1. What do cats love to chase? String! Attach a piece of string onto a ceiling fan and turn it on! Watch your cat go crazy over it’s new not so expensive toy.
  2. Treats! These are God’s gift to pet owners. Take a recycled plastic bottle and cut one hole just big enough for a treat to slip out now and again. Cats will love the game of “hunting” for the treat!
  3. Handle your cat with ease and care. Some people don’t realize that cats can be very shy animals. Starting early is key with any pet, but cats in particular learn from their owner.
  4. As with number three, introduction at a young age is very important, Try introducing your cat to a cat-friendly dog at a young age so the cat will be used to other animals, especially those that are not of the same species.
  5. Have an old book shelf you don’t know what to do with? Cut out squares in it to create an exercise tower for cats. They’ll love it and you will love calmness they begin to show.